Celebrating the 65th Birthday of the National Health Service

Share Your Memories

Over the past 65 years, thousands of people have experienced the services offered by caring healthcare professionals working for the NHS in the Western Isles.

  • Do you have heart-warming memories of care you received, or can you give us examples of how modern medicine and care has improved over the past 65 years?

  • Are you a former nurse, doctor, dentist, optician who has an interesting story to share?

Do you have any old photographs illustrating the NHS story so far? If the answer is yes, please share your memories with us, by using the feedback facility or contacting: Maggie Fraser, Communications Manager at maggie.fraser1@nhs.net or telephone: 01851708060.

Post information to: Maggie Fraser, Communications Manager, NHS Western Isles, 37 South Beach, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, HS1 2BB

We can guarantee that any photographs sent to us will be returned to their owners - just ensure that your name and address is provided.
NHS 60th Anniversary awards presented to Isles Children
These babies where born in North Uist in 1926. We would love to find out who they are, so if you have any idea who they might be please contact Maggie Fraser at maggie.fraser1@nhs.net or telephone: 01851708060.