Dr Stephen Edlin

I was one of the two resident doctors in late 1976 at the hospital (that's me eating cake in one of your photos!)and was the only doctor in the hospital in ?December 1976 when a house blew up in the town with about 8 casualties. I think someone was looking for a gas leak in the basement....and, yes, he lit a match!
Within half an hour, the anaesthetist, Bill Speirs, the Surgeon, Martin Crossfil, who was at a clinic south of Stornoway and all other doctors were there helping to resuscitate and fix up the poor victims. I got to fly with one of the patients to Aberdeen and managed to bring back a much needed bottle of Grenadine for the Tequila Sunrises which were in vogue then.
I think back over 30 years extremely fondly of the place and especially of the staff who were an absolute joy to work with.
I enjoyed the job so much, I almost stayed in Lewis. One day, I'll return and maybe look some of you up!

Steve Edlin