Short Resume of some of the Findings

Complete and immediate unanimity on all the points stated was found.


Entire dissatisfaction with the Services at present provided from Inverness, including the so-called School Medical Inspection and the provision of specialist aid, including Pathological Services and the provision of treatment of defects in school children and others.

That the Local Medical Officer should be responsible for all the Medical work in his area, including the school period with the other ages, and that he should have the professional and material assistance and freedom necessary to discharge this obligation.

That Specialist Services should be provided from Glasgow and should be made available without delay.

That the Local Medical Officers should be directly under the Department of Health on an inclusive salary with pension.

That the present Local Authority control from Inverness be abolished altogether. That all transport necessary for the work as well as drugs and equipment be a State charge.

That the Areas of Practice of North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist and Barra form a natural geographical group, based on Glasgow.

That the Medical Officers of this group of Islands should work together as a group with one of themselves elected as Group Leader.

That the Group Leader should act as Liaison between the Local Medical Officers; should arrange for the visits of Specialists except where a Local M.O. deems an immediate direct call proper; have certain limited powers of discipline within the Group and, if similar contiguous groups were formed, act with the Leaders of these Groups on a "Regional", or other, board, that he continue to act as a Local M.O., although short periods of relief from his ordinary duties might have to be provided for. That essential expenses of his office of Group Leader be paid.

Such a group was constituted and Dr. A. J. Macleod, Lochmaddy, North Uist, was appointed Group Leader for the present.

The Group then considered further points necessary for the development of the Service. On most of the points discussed agreement was reached and it was decided to formulate these for submission to the appropriate authorities.