The legislation surrounding caring for clients with a learning disability is a vast subject - covering the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007, Mental Health, Care and Treatment Act (Scotland) 2003, The Equality Act 2010 and the Adult with Incapacity(Scotland) Act 2000. This site has been designed as a portal which will make some of the guidance and associated materials more accessible for health care staff from all disciplines.

It is delivered as a practical supportive resource and any fuller interpretation of the legislation may be found in the original legislative Acts.
  Introduction by the Chief Executive, NHS Western Isles   
Supportive Statement by the Medical Director  
Part 1 - Introduction to Legislation  
Part 2 - Principles of Legislation  
Part 3 - Roles and Responsibilities  
Part 4 - Capacity and Consent  
Part 5 - Procedure for delivering Treatment AWI Scotland Act 2000  
Part 6 - Guardians and Attorneys  
Part 7 - Covert (Secret) Medication  
Part 8 - Disclosing Information and Adult Protection Referrals  
Part 9 - Human Rights  
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Further Information

This resource was co-ordinated by Learning Disabilities Collaborative Project funded by Scottish Government, Equally Well and Health Inequalities Scotland