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Our Services

NHS Western Isles, which is part of NHS Scotland, provides a complete and comprehensive range of healthcare services to the population of the Western Isles. Our aim is to be the ‘best at what we do’ and to deliver high quality person-centred services.

Person-centred services

We work within the healthcare principles of the Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011, which cover:

Patient Focus – each patient’s needs, circumstances, opinions and abilities must be taken into account when they receive healthcare. Privacy and confidentiality should be respected and patients should receive any support they need to enable them to access healthcare.

Quality Care and Treatment – healthcare should be based on current clinical guidelines and standards and should be provided in such a way as to avoid any unnecessary harmor injury to the patient. Healthcare providers should consider the range of treatment options available to the patient.

Patient Participation – patients should be encouraged to take part in decisions about their health and wellbeing, and given any information or support that they need. They should be encouraged to treat healthcare staff with dignity and respect.

Communication – patients should be communicated with in a way that they can understand and healthcare staff should make sure that the patients has understood the information given.

Patient Feedback – all staff should be able to listen and respond to feedback, comments and concerns appropriately, effectively and efficiently. They should also ensure that complaints are dealt with according to the NHS complaints procedure.

Best Use of Resources – healthcare staff and patients should make sure that resources are used as efficiently as possible.

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