Diabetes Home

Diabetes Care in the Western Isles:


Welcome to the Western Isles Diabetes Department. Our aim is to provide people living with diabetes with the care, information and support they need to manage their condition with confidence.

In the case of an emergency, view the emergency contact leaflet here

Being diagnosed with diabetes, or knowing someone who is diagnosed with diabetes, may raise many questions about how diabetes fits into your daily life: from how it makes you feel, to managing diabetes at work and advice on issues affecting teenagers and children with diabetes.

In this website you can find information to help you with these questions. You will also find information on travelling (driving, buses & ferries) to and from the various sites across the Western Isles where specialist clinics are run from.

Your diabetes care here in the Western Isles is managed by a collaboration of GPs, a dedicated Specialist Diabetes Nursing team, with clinical support from Consultant Diabetologists in Glasgow, Dietiticians, Podiatrists and Optometrists. This is all supported by by non-clinical Service Development and Admin Support staff.

NHS Western Isles has a formalised care link in place with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for both adults and children with diabetes. These care links provide 24/7 access to Consultant Diabetologists who can provide support for people living with diabetes and their carers / family. If your GP or Specialist Diabetes Nurse feels that you need to be seen by a Diabetologist then you will be referred to the appropriate consultant for diabetes support that best suits your individual needs.


Taking Control of your Diabetes:

It is important to know your personal goals and to be aware of the status of your control in order to stay healthy with diabetes. When you attend for diabetes care, a variety of measurements are taken, e.g. long term blood glucose (HbA1c), blood pressure, weight and various blood tests. You need to know your values and what they mean. These values are held as part of your medical record by NHS Scotland and you can now access them through this section of our site: Access your results