Sunday, 19 November 2017


The importance of good fitting footwear cannot be underestimated. The Podiatry department go to great lengths to get their patients pain free and mobile and encourage patients to avoid using ill fitting footwear.

A good fitting shoe should be deep enough and wide enough to accommodate your foot. Narrow ill fitting shoes can cause callus, corns, ulceration and irritate bony prominences such as a bunion.
Finding shoes online

The following websites are suggestions only. Try to shop around and feel free to choose any supplier or website.
Please always consider the advice given by your Podiatrist before selecting the style and size of footwear to purchase.
General advice given is that suitable footwear should:
  • Be comfortable for you and deep enough to accommodate an insole
  • Have a secure fastening over the top of the foot eg lace or Velcro
  • Be wide enough and not tight across the foot
  • Be long enough; there should be a gap between big toe and end of shoe when you are standing
  • Have a firm support at the back of the heel
  • Have a thick sole (for cushioning / shock absorption)
  • Have a broad base of support
  • Have a removable insole if possible
General adults


Specialist adults: wider fit
  Specialist adults: Narrow fit