Health Promotion and Improvement

Healthy startThe Health Promotion Department works to help and empower people, groups and communities to make better lifestyle choices, in order to improve their health and quality of life. The Department also works in partnership with a range of local and national groups and agencies to address wider issues that impact on health e.g. poverty, housing, or the effects of unemployment.

Topics which Health Promotion is involved with include: community; health inequalities; learning disabilities; mental health and wellbeing; physical activity; pregnancy and child health; sexual health and HIV/AIDS; smoking; substance misuse; workplace; and young people.

The Health Promotion Department operates from bases in Stornoway and Balivanich and is open on a ‘walk in’ basis, Monday to Thursday 9am – 5.30pm, and Friday 9am – 5pm. Advice is available on an appointment basis from qualified and experienced Health Promotion Specialists.

Health Information and Resources Service

The Health Information and Resources Service (HIRS) offers a wide range of health-related materials which are available free of charge to those living and working within the Western Isles. Materials include leaflets and booklets, teaching aids, contraceptive supplies, models, books, display and conference equipment, older people’s project boxes, childminding project boxes, posters and charts, and CDs.

HIRS is offered as a drop-in service and is based at the Stornoway Health Centre, Springfield Road, Stornoway, and is open to everyone including students, parents, teachers, community groups, health professionals, and the general public. Information and materials available from HIRS complement work in many settings across the region, e.g. schools, workplaces, health service, voluntary organisations and communities.

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