Thursday, 22 June 2017


Western Isles Health & Work Partnership

Living with a health condition can be difficult, but for those who have a health condition and are trying to remain working or are aiming to get back into employment this can be hugely challenging.

Whether you are looking for work, in paid or unpaid employment, a full time carer, a crofter, a parent or a volunteer we recognise that these roles are very important and fall under the definition of 'work'.

There is a lot of support and information out there, but finding out who can help you, what they do and how to contact them can be difficult, especially if you are not feeling well.

This website aims to point you in the right direction of the services available that can support you, directing you to useful information in order to help become more informed and empowering you to get yourself Up and Running!

For more general information and advice on health and employment as well asinformation regarding your legal rights see: and also check out our Useful Links

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