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Quality of care at Western Isles Hospital rated positively by all patients surveyed

Published on 16 Apr 2013

One hundred per cent of patients who were asked about the care they received in Western Isles Hospital during an inspection on the care of older people in acute hospitals said that the quality of care they received was good.

Patients aged over 65 were asked a series of 16 questions that related to the care they received; ranging from whether they had received clear information about their condition and treatment, to whether they got pain relief when they needed it.

The patient survey was undertaken during a Healthcare Improvement Scotland announced inspection visit to Western Isles Hospital, as part of its programme of inspections on the standard of care for older people in acute care in Scotland. The inspection visit took place in October 2012 and four wards were visited as well as the Emergency Department. The details on patient responses were released this month.

Of the 16 questions, NHS Western Isles came above the Scottish acute hospital average in 14 questions, and 100 per cent of Western Isles patients surveyed said they were able to get pain relief when they needed it, that they got help with washing, dressing and toileting, and that the quality of care received was good.

Around 96 per cent of Western Isles respondents said that they were given clear information about their condition and treatment, that staff always responded quickly if patients needed help and that staff listened to the patients' views about their care. Around 96 per cent of patients also said that staff always introduced themselves, that staff treated them and their belongings with respect and that visitors were always made to feel welcome.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland was asked by the Scottish Government to carry out a programme of inspections to provide assurance that older people are being treated with compassion, dignity and respect while they are in an acute hospital.

Surveys and interviews with patients were undertaken as part of the inspection.

NHS Western Isles Chief Executive Gordon Jamieson said: "It is heartening that all patients who were surveyed were satisfied with the quality of care they received, and this is testament to our caring, supportive and compassionate staff. Communication and interaction between our staff and patients was also rated very highly, which is extremely important and ensures that we provide patient-centred services."

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