Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Faire, the Community Careline Service

Tunstall imageThe primary function of Faire, the Community Careline Service, is to provide a 24/7 support service to individuals throughout the Western Isles who may require emergency assistance within their own homes. This is achieved either by manually summoning help by means of a dedicated pendant and alarm unit, or by advanced automatic technologies designed to address the diverse risks arising from complex physical and mental health illnesses.

Technologies can also be assigned to address non-medical internal or external threats such as fire, flood or escaping gas. Each individually configured alarm unit is linked via a telephone line to the local Faire Control Centre which is staffed by highly trained staff. Alarm activations are supported by valuable 'person specific' on-screen information to assist Faire staff in the most appropriate management of each call.

Referrals for the Faire service can be from any individual or family who consider themselves to be at risk, or who simply want to maintain their continuing independence. Referrals are also made by Health and Social Care professionals and by various Community Support Workers and agencies. Referrals for individuals requiring more complex technologies will be assessed by Occupational Therapists, who, in conjunction with Faire technicians, will decide on the most appropriate type of equipment to be installed.


Download the 'Faire: Western Isles Community Telecare Service' Leaflet

For more information on Faire, the Community Careline Service, please contact:

Faire Careline Service on 01851 701702 or by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Occupational Therapy Department at the Western Isles Hospital: 01851 704704