Saturday, 18 November 2017


Patient Focus and Public Involvement

Public Involvement

All NHS Boards in Scotland have a legal duty to involve people in designing, developing and delivering healthcare services.

Patient Focus is about improving each individual's experience of care, so that our services are responsive to your individual needs. This is called person centred care. Person Centred Care is the delivery of a healthcare experience that recognises and responds flexibly to each person as a unique individual, builds trust and empathy, and engages you as an individual in decisions that affect your healthcare and wellbeing. NHS Scotland are continuing to build the basis for a mutual NHS through the Patients Rights Act 2011 and the Person Centred Health and Social Care Collaborative

Public Involvement means involving you, as a patient, carer or member of the public, in how we plan and deliver services and develop policies and strategies. It means working with our partners in local authorities, the voluntary sector and other community groups when we plan our services and develop our policies. NHS Scotland has committed to creating a 'mutual' NHS in its Quality Strategy which has people at its centre, where everyone can expect to be partners in their own care.