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Western Isles Health Board approved the Patient Focus and Public Involvement Strategy and PFPI Action Plan 2009-2013 at the meeting on 22 July 2009. Progress against the Action Plan is presented to the PFPI Committee, which reports to the Health Board.

NHS Boards have a statutory duty to involve patients and the public in the planning and development of health services, and in decisions which will significantly affect the operation of those services. Guidance sets out how NHS Boards should inform, engage with and consult their local communities.

In September 2012 we held a review with the PFPI Committee, including public representatives and voluntary organisations, to discuss how patient focus and public involvement in NHS Western Isles could be better governed. We listened to what we were told and drafted an action plan.

The Strategy for PFPI is up for review and is currently being developed by the PFPI Committee. The Strategy will be informed by staff, third sector organisations, patients and families. The first draft will go out to public consultation and, once approved, it will be added here.

NHS Western Isles has a Quality Improvement Programme Board as well as a team of Quality Improvement clinical professionals who have been asked to develop and implement quality improvement programmes. Public and patient feedback is vital to lead to improved patient care. The programmes are part of the NHS Western Isles Clinical Governance and Risk Management Strategy.

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