Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Frequently Asked Questions at a Glance

Outlined below are some of the current issues and suggested future improvement, we will continue to update this list in relation to any issues or points which are raised at the consultation meeting


Current issues

Future ways of working

Community hospital beds sometimes used as ‘safety net’

Working in an integrated way will support patients to be better managed at home, but if admitted, being discharged in a timely manner.

Dental Surgeries - current issues relating to single handed practitioners, physical building constraints and sustainability including Out of Hours

Professional support providing benefits from working as part of a larger team that would result from the co-location of dental clinics this meets the requirements of Scottish Government support for single handed practices

Out-of-hours medical and in-patient cover not optimal


  • In-patient beds (20  - 16 beds + 4 contingency), with 24/7 enhanced medical cover via GPs and diagnostics
  • Clear patient pathways removing any confusion for Ambulance Service and patients
  • Opportunities for GPs to work more collaboratively across all settings
  • Upskilling of nursing staff
  • Scottish Ambulance Service on site

Nursing rotas not ideal to cover in-patients and A&E/Minor injury

Advanced Nurse Practitioners to support unscheduled care

Resuscitation Room

To be relocated to improve patient flow to be provided within redesigned unit

No co-location with social care colleagues, Ambulance Service or community nursing


Potential for co-location and better joint working from the new community resource centre and hospital ‘Hub’. This would improve communication and co-working which is one of the goals of integration.

Capacity building and sustainability of services

To improve VC capacity for both patient clinics and staff support

General anaesthetics have not been provided for over 2 years

Local anaesthetics will continue to be provided along with endoscopy services