Electronic Medical Record (eMRec)

emrec-RGB-strapline                                                                                                  Your Universal NHS Western Isles Health Record

Information held on patients in a number of different systems throughout NHS Western Isles is soon to be joined up into one digital file, known as the Electronic Medical Record.

This electronic record (eMRec) will be created to replace the paper records held in the Board's three hospitals, Mental Health, AHP and Community Health Services. Appropriately authorised staff from all disciplines and locations will be able to access, and contribute to, this browser-based single electronic record.

The eMRec, as the record will be locally known, is seen an important driver to improve patient safety. Depending on where they live, and which services they have accessed, a Western Isles patient's medical record can consist of up to nine parts, each held separately and in different locations spread across the islands. eMRec will  bring all these parts together in one comprehensive medical record, for the first time giving clinicians access to all the information - including alerts, warnings and special notes - that are relevant to their patients' treatment at the point of care.

What will be happening with the creation of eMRec?

Health Services in the Western Isles are soon to join up patient information systems using the electronic record system called eMRec. Over the next 18 months, we will be bringing together all the separate paper records from the different departments and hospitals into this one electronic record. Your eMRec will include certain information from your GP to support your care. This will only be:
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Who can look at your eMRec?

NHS staff can only look at your electronic record if they need to treat you. This will include:

How do we make sure that the information on your medical record is secure?

The law requires that we must keep your information safe and secure. We do this by:

What are the benefits of eMRec?

We hope this information is of use to you. Please contact your GP if you wish to discuss or be withdrawn from sharing your GP record as part of the eMRec development. If you have any general questions about eMRec please contact:

Christine Chlad,
eHealth Projects Manager,
t:  01851 708148;
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.