Sunday, 26 April 2015


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What's New

NHS Communications Strategy out for consultation
Communication plays a vital role in every area of work within NHS Western Isles, and the local health service is committed to ensuring that both internal and external communication is...
Warning patients of telephone scam
NHS Western Isles was recently made aware that some local people have been contacted by telephone by an individual claiming to be from their local health centre/GP Practice, trying to...
The Scottish Cancer Foundation Prize
The Scottish Cancer Foundation invites nominations for the 2015 prize which will be awarded to the person who, in the opinion of the Scottish Cancer Foundation Board, has made the...
125 DEXA scans already undertaken in the Western Isles
A total of 125 DEXA scans have already been carried out in the Western Isles since the new ‘gold standard’ fracture liaison service was launched around five months ago.   The service,...
NHS Western Isles issues norovirus advice
With an increase in the seasonal prevalence of norovirus across Scotland, NHS Western Isles is issuing advice to the public, in particular when visiting friends and family in hospital. With cases...



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