Sunday, 19 November 2017

Clinical Standards

Patients can expect the following from all clinicians:

  • All treatments are based on a clinical need 
  • Accurate documentation of all patient treatments are securely filed
  • Anew set of sterile instruments are used for each patient
  • Patients will be given footwear advice when appropriate
  • Referrals to specialist clinicians when necessary
  • Courtesy and respect will be shown by all staff during treatment
  • We will endeavour to treat all patients with respect and listen to their points of view
  • The privacy and dignity of patients will be maintained during treatment
  • Name badges will be worn at all times

What clinicians expect from patients

  • All patients should be punctual for their appointment
  • Staff should be treated with respect and courtesy
  • Physical and verbal abuse is not accepted. Abusive patients will be asked to leave and no further appointments will be given
  • Staff require patients to inform them of any change in medication or general health
  • Patients are expected to follow footwear and footcare advice - non compliance can result in discharge