Our staff

NHS Western Isles employs more than 1,000 members of staff who work in healthcare premises across the Western Isles.

Examples of some of the staff that you may have direct contact with are below:

Cornflower Blue

Registered General Nurses, led by a Senior Charge Nurse, assess, plan and deliver the nursing care you need.

You will be able to recognise them from the 'Cornflower Blue' uniforms that they wear (see photo).

Community Nurses visit people in their own homes, providing care for patients and supporting family members. Community Nurses wear a 'Cornflower Blue' uniform (see photo).

Registered Mental Nurses in Clisham Ward, Western Isles Hospital, who provide care to older adults with mental health problems (more specifically the care of patients with Dementia) also wear a 'Cornflower Blue' uniform (see photo).

Midwives are responsible for providing midwifery care to a mother and baby during the antenatal, labour and postnatal periods. Midwives wear a 'Cornflower Blue' uniform (see photo). The Senior Midwifery Manager wears 'Navy Blue' (see photo below).

Dental Nurses support Dentists to provide your dental care. Dental Nurses wear a 'Cornflower Blue' uniform (see photo).

Pale Blue

Dental Hygienists/Therapists specialise in preventive oral health, typically focusing on techniques in oral hygiene.

Infection Control Nurses provide support and advice to other staff regarding the prevention and control of the spread of infection, both in our hospitals and in the community setting.

Public Health Nurses/Health Visitors support families, children and young people.

Healthcare Assistants provide vital support to registered healthcare staff to ensure patients and clients are effectively cared for. Healthcare Assistants and other unregistered staff wear a 'Pale Blue' uniform (see photo).

Reception staff at our hospitals and other healthcare premises will greet you and help direct you to where you need to go.

They will also answer the phone to you if you phone one of our hospitals other the Health Board Offices. Receptionists wear a 'Light Green' blouses/dress shirts.

Domestic staff are key members of the healthcare team that ensure our hospitals are clean. Domestic staff wear a 'Light Green' uniform (see photo). Domestic Supervisors wear a 'Dark Green' uniform.

Light Green

Catering staff provide the nutritious and appetizing food for patients on a daily basis and also run the hospital dining rooms. Catering staff wear a 'Light Green' uniform (see photo) or a 'Light Green' polo shirt. Catering Supervisors wear a 'Dark Green' uniform.

Maintenance staff are responsible for the repair, servicing and upkeep of buildings and equipment to support patient treatment and care. Maintenance staff wear a 'Light Green' uniform (see photo) or a 'Light Green' polo shirt.

Porters transport our stocks and supplies and take you to and from the various places you go for treatment. Porters wear a 'Light Green' uniform (see photo) or 'Light Green' polo shirt.

Consultant nurses and specialist nurses may be involved in your care in the hospital or community setting, giving extra advice and support about specific conditions; for example diabetes, heart failure, continence, dementia and discharge from hospital.

Navy Blue

Senior Charge Nurses (SCNs) are the senior nurses responsible for the management of individual wards and departments in our hospitals. There are also Senior Charge Nurses responsible for community nursing teams. You will be able to recognise the Senior Charge Nurse of your ward/in the community as he/she will be wearing a 'Navy Blue' uniform (see photo).

Clinical Support Nurses (CSNs) are senior nurses who are based in Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway. They have an extended clinical role in the daytime and are responsible for the management of the hospital out of hours (during evenings, overnights and weekends). They can be contacted for you by nursing staff. Out of normal working hours, the CSNs can be identified by the 'Navy Blue' uniform that they will be wearing (see photo). In normal working hours, they wear the same 'Cornflower Blue' uniforms as Registered General Nurses.

Public Health staff, including Health Promotion provide a wide variety of services, including screening/immunisation, community planning, planning and development of services, emergency planning, and various health promotion functions such as smoking cessation and sexual health education.

Management staff and Department Heads are responsible for the operational and/or longer-term delivery of specific functions, such as medical records, waiting times, health promotion and human resources. Management staff are based in various locations and are essential to the delivery of effective and efficient patient care and healthcare services.

General Managers in Mental Health and Non-Clinical Support Services are senior managers responsible for the delivery of these functions. Both posts are based in Western Isles Hospital in Stornoway.

Associate Chief Operating Officers are responsible for the overall delivery of acute (hospital) and primary care services. In the Western Isles, we employ two Associate Chief Operating Officers (one based in Western Isles Hospital and one based on the Health Board Offices in Stornoway).


Dentists are healthcare practitioners that specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the mouth. The majority of Dentists are based in Western Isles Dental Centre in Stornoway, but dental clinics are also held in a number of other areas across the Western Isles.

Pharmacists are experts in Medicines and their use, working with the Medical team, to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the medicines that are prescribed for you. If you are a patient on a medical ward your pharmacist may take a medications history from you, and prescribe and advise you on the use of the medicines that you will be taking home on discharge.


Dietitians assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutritional problems in hospital and community settings. They provide practical, safe advice based on up-to-date scientific evidence to help people make appropriate lifestyle and food choices in order to improve their health. The Dietitians wear a 'Turquoise' uniform (see photo).

Occupational Therapists (OTs) assess and plan your treatment with a view to helping you manage daily activities. This may include providing adaptations at your home. Occupational Therapy is a joint service provided in partnership with the local authority. The OTs wear a 'Turquoise' uniform (see photo).

Physiotherapists help you on the ward, in the physiotherapy department, or in a community setting, with your mobility. They work across healthcare settings to support patients. The Physiotherapists wear a 'Turquoise' uniform (see photo).

Radiographers and Ultrasonographers take x-ray images and scans to help diagnose and treat medical conditions. They have a responsibility to all patients and staff to use radiation safely. In some cases they provide the result of your examination to the medical staff looking after you. The Radiographers wear a 'Turquoise' uniform (see photo).

Speech and Language Therapists can help you with any difficulties you may have with communicating or eating and drinking. The Speech and Language Therapists wear a 'Turquoise' uniform (see photo).

Podiatrists are responsible for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disease and conditions affecting the feet and lower limbs. Podiatrists wear a 'Turquoise' uniform (see photo).

Phlebotomists take blood from patients admitted to hospital. The blood is analysed by biomedical scientists in the Laboratory.

Laboratory staff are responsible for a clinical diagnostic (testing) service for all patients of all age groups throughout the Western Isles, and with all kinds of medical problems.

Patient Services staff arrange your Inpatient and Outpatient appointments and will greet you when you arrive at hospital. They will ensure your effective admission, and will help keep your patient record up to date. Patient Services staff wear 'Light Green' blouses/dress shirts/polo shirts.

Ward clerks provide administrative and clerical support to the ward.

Volunteers help out with a number of tasks on many of the wards, assisting the nursing staff with a number of duties, dependant on the ward they are on.

Executive Directors have responsibility for Health Board services, including Nursing, Medical, Financial, Public Health and Human Resource services. The Chief Executive is ultimately responsible for healthcare provided by NHS Western Isles.


NHS Western Isles is a training centre for doctors, nurses, midwives and other healthcare staff, working with partners including Stirling University, NHS Education for Scotland and other universities.

To help them learn the skills they need, student nurses or midwives will carry out some aspects of your care under the supervision of a qualified nurse or midwife.

Medical students accompany the doctor on ward rounds and may wish to examine you or talk to you about your medical condition.

Other students, such as student radiographers, physiotherapists or occupational therapists, may accompany their qualified colleagues to the wards and assist with their duties.

The students appreciate your co-operation, but you are under no obligation to have them observing your care.

If you do not wish to have students present, please tell a member of staff.