‘Preparing to come to hospital’

Getting to hospital

You will usually have been sent a card or letter telling you the date and time to arrive at the hospital.

If you are not clear about the arrangements, please telephone the hospital for clarification.

Car parking for patients and visitors is available at or near the entrance of our hospitals. At Western Isles Hospital, there is a patient and visitor car park within the barriered area. We ask that all patients and visitors park within this area.

A drop-off/pick up point is available at the front door of the hospital for patients who are elderly or infirm. Disabled parking spaces are also situated at the front of the hospital. If you are not disabled, you must not park at these points or in areas which obstruct other users' access to parking spaces or buildings.


There are regular buses stopping at the hospital entrance. On request and at certain times, the buses will come through the hospital grounds to drop passengers off at the main door. Current information about bus times and routes can be obtained by calling at the Bus Station, or phoning 01851 704327.

Bus Dearg (Red Bus) – Operated by Voluntary Action Lewis, the bus is available Monday to Saturday and provides a return journey for passengers from Stornoway Bus Station to the front door of Western Isles Hospital. Current information about exact times can be obtained from Voluntary Action Lewis, tel: 01851 702632 or Stornoway Bus Station, tel: 01851 704327.

Ospadal Uibhist agus Bharraigh, St Brendan's Hospital, Balivanich, Harris and Rural Lewis

There are regular bus services which stop at the hospital entrances. Current information about exact times and routes can be obtained from the Uist and Barra Bus and Ferry Services Timetable, or from the Comhairle website at http://www.cne-siar.gov.uk/travel/busservice/.

Ambulance at Accidents and EmergenciesAmbulance/Ambulance Car

The Ambulance Service provides transport to the hospital for patients who require it for medical reasons.

Patients can now book ambulance transport directly via a specialist Scottish Ambulance Service contact centre in Inverness. They will be able to talk to specially trained staff and request ambulance transport to and from their healthcare appointment up to 28 days in advance.

The new number to call is: 0300 123 1236

Anyone hard of hearing can contact the Service via Text Relay on 18001-03001231236.

Patients who need support can ask their carer or GP to make the request on their behalf.

What to bring with you to hospital

A bedside locker and wardrobe space will be provided for the storage of your personal items. The following list contains what you should bring with you:

Please mark your clothing clearly with your name and area/village, to prevent items getting lost. The League of Friends at each hospital can help out with labelling clothes if required. If you require this service, please ask nursing staff to arrange it.

If you are unable to have your personal laundry washed by relatives or friends, please inform the ward staff.

What not to bring with you

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