Saturday, 18 November 2017


Home Care

Home Care and Care Home services provided through the CHaSCP

The comforts of home mean a lot to people - whether they are growing old and less able, if they live alone and are just back from hospital after an operation or an illness, or if they have some other condition which makes them less able than most to cope with the ordinary tasks of daily life.

The purpose of the Home Care Service is to provide care to people in their own homes. The level of care will be decided following an assessment by a Care Assessor or a Social Worker to ensure that the care being provided is sufficient to meet individual eligible needs.

The ‘Faire’ service gives an automatic link from the user’s home telephone to the computerised alarm receiving centre in Stornoway, which is staffed by a team of trained operators. The staff will handle calls efficiently, quickly summoning help when it is needed. Conversations can be in English or Gaelic.


Home Care and Care Home Services