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Meet the Board

Roles & Responsibilities

Western Isles Health Board is made up of 15 members and exists to improve the health and wellbeing of the population and to provide the highest quality healthcare services in the Western Isles, This is achieved through efficient, effective and accountable governance of the local system and by providing strategic direction and leadership. The Board is made up of both Executive and Non-Executive Directors.

The key roles of the Board include:

  • To provide active leadership by agreeing strategy, establishing the values and standards of the organisation and ensuring the highest standards of the organisation and ensuring the highest standards of governance are complied with
  • Establishing corporate mission, aims and objectives;
  • Overseeing the development and review of performance targets; and
  • Establishing and promoting the organisation's role in the community.

Executive Directors

Supporting the Chief Executive to achieve the organisation's objectives are five Executive Directors:

  • The Nurse Director
  • The Medical Director
  • The Director of Finance
  • The Director of Human Resources and Workforce Development
  • The Director of Public Health

Each Executive Director is a Board member and has responsibility for a different area. For example, the Medical Director is responsible for professional medical advice to the Board and for building, motivating and developing a team of clinicians to drive forward service modernisation. The Nurse Director/Chief Operating Officer meanwhile is responsible for the provision of specialist advice to the Board on all matters relating to the provision of nursing, midwifery and allied health professional services.

The Chief Executive is also a member of Western Isles Health Board and has accountability to the Board for the overall organisation; including management and staffing.

The Chief Executive is the Accountable Officer, which means that he is responsible for ensuring public funds are properly controlled and safeguarded, that proper financial systems are in place and applied, and that arrangements are in place to secure 'Best Value'. The Chief Executive is responsible for providing leadership to ensure the complete delivery of agreed plans on time and to budget, and devises and implements management structures and processes to enable the organisation to implement agreed corporate plans.

Non Executive Directors

There are eight Non Executive Directors appointed to Western Isles Health Board. This includes one local authority representative, an Employee Director and the Chair of the Area Clinical Forum.

Non Executive Board Members work with the Chair and other Board members to ensure governance arrangements are sound, and to oversee:

  • strategy development, to address the health priorities and healthcare needs of the local population;
  • implementation of the Local Delivery Plan;
  • effective performance of the Board's activities;
  • resource allocation to address health priorities; and
  • implementation of Board decisions.

Non Executive Directors are appointed for a maximum of four years in any one term (and can sit as Board members for a maximum of two terms in succession). Remuneration for Non Executive Directors is £7,405 per annum.

The Chair has some additional responsibilities over and above the other Non Executive Directors, particularly in relation to strategic leadership and the conduct of Board business. These include:

  • taking lead responsibility in representing the organisation in links with Ministers and the Scottish Parliament;
  • taking the lead in building links, at Board level, with partner organisations and other stakeholders; and
  • ensuring all Non Executive Board members have knowledge and understanding of their corporate roles and responsibilities.

The Chair is appointed for a maximum of four years in any one term (and can sit for a maximum of two terms in succession).

Register of Interests of Directors - 17/11/16 to 31/03/17


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