Equality and Diversity

EQUALITY MAINSTREAMING REPORT 2017: Due to the unavoidable circumstances the publishing of Equality Mainstreaming Report for 2017 has been delayed. Hope to publish it by 30th June 2017. If anyone wishes to have a copy of the report, you can leave your contact details so that the copy will be sent to you.

TK Shadakshari
Lead Chaplain & Strategic Diversity Lead
NHS Western Isles
MacAulay Road, Stornoway, HS1 2AF
Ph: 01851 704704, Extn. 2408
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NHS Western Isles values and encourages the diversity of cultures represented by both our staff and service users.

We, as an organisation, are enriched by cultures and beliefs that we encounter day by day in our operations and we seek to learn from these encounters to meet our Corporate Vision and Values.

We seek to be the 'best at what we do' and to that end we seek to be a healthcare provider that is person-centred in the delivery of our services, and how we treat our staff.

We have in place policies which encourage staff to treat all colleagues and service users with respect and dignity and we will not allow discrimination in our service delivery.

We encourage both staff and service users to discuss with our Equality Leads their experience of either being a member of staff or a service user and such discussions will be used to try and improve our service and eliminate discrimination.

When service users attend appointments they will be asked to fill in a Diversity Questionnaire for the purpose of analyzing the different needs of patients and allowing us as an organisation to be more person-centred in our service delivery. As with all personal information held by the Health Board, this information is treated with strict confidentiality.

For further information please contact:

Rev. TK Shadakshari
Strategic Diversity Lead
Tel 01851 704704 ext 2408